Locked Staking txnType=REDEMPTION & txnType=SUBSCRIPTION


what do the two types do?
my guess was:

SUBSCRIPTION = start of staking
REDEMPTION = end of staking

but SUBSCRIPTION returns 5 array elements and REDEMPTION returns 7 array elements.
I have 11 locked stakings running. I dont unterstand this…


I assume you’re talking about the GET /sapi/v1/staking/stakingRecord endpoint?

REDEMPTION doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the end of that particular staking position, nor does SUBSCRIPTION necessarily signal the beginning of staking position. REDEMPTION returns all instances of when you redeemed/withdrew funds from a staking position whereas SUBSCRIPTION is whenever you added funds to a staking position. Eg. on staking products that aren’t locked, you can redeem/remove a portion of your funds from the position at any time which would be recorded as a REDEMPTION event. Similarly you can add funds to a position at anytime which would be recorded as a SUBSCRIPTION event.

Hope that makes sense. Cheers,