Live Subscribing/Unsubscribing to Combined-streams in Binance-Connector-Java

Hi all,
I wonder whether live subscribe/unsubscribe ( is supported by binance-java-connector ( I intend to use it for combined stream.
Thank you

Hi @oei_utomo,
looking at binance-connector-java’s file, you can see that the createConnection() method is called with an immediate request to subscribe for specified stream, therefore unfortunately the library is not available for live subscription. However you can open an issue at Issues · binance/binance-connector-java · GitHub so that the team is aware of this demand and hope to integrate it in the future.
Thank you.

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thank you @aisling2 for your prompt reply
but just wondering, are we allowed to contribute to the repo through open PR ?

Yes, sure thing.

okay done
our PR is ready
hopefully it can be reviewed soon, as we need this feature in the near future
thank you @aisling2 have a nice day!

hi @aisling2 is there any updates regarding this PR?
PR link
really appreciate your help
thanks a lot

Hi @oei_utomo, we’re sorry but we haven’t get into it yet. Unfortunately we’re lacking resources to review all the open issues/PRs on our public repositories/forums.