Live Subscribe to userdata-stream/listenkey


I have a websocketstream for marketdata and do a live subscribe/unsubscribe to select which data I need. I have also requested a listenkey from my websocket connection for managing orders. Can I use this listenkey to do a live subscription for my user-data stream?


Do you mean the following?

  1. You connect to wss:// to monitor the market over WebSocket.
  2. You connect to wss:// to manage orders over WebSocket.
  3. You have requested a listen key using userDataStream.start method.
  4. Now you want to listen to the user data steam to monitor execution of your orders.


I think right now it’s possible to use listen keys only with, along with the market data, but not on the same WebSocket connection with order management.

Hi- yes, correct.

Will do it this way. Thanks for your help.