listenKey Stream Missed Notifications

My listenKey session stops getting notifications after an unspecified interval and miss fill notifications although the session is not disconnected.

It started happening early this month (September 2020) for no reason, and since we have been running the same binary since mid-June it would seem something change on the Binance side.

Currently we are seeing this on the UDST-Coin environment.

Do you have any idea why this is happening?

thanks for your feedback, could you please give details on

  • which base url?
  • do you have ping pong for healthy check? if so, are you able to receive pong from server?

thank you

The urls are:

  • wss://
  • wss://

Ping/pong are enabled but please provide details, include API reference documentation.

If my application were to send a ping frame would it get a pong back and keep the connection active such that I don’t miss application notifications, such as ORDER_TRADE_UPDATE, ACCOUNT_UPDATE, etc?

Also, if my application was to stop sending pings I would expect the web-socket to be disconnected but I don’t see that happening.

thanks for the reply.

  1. Sever will response pong as soon as a ping message is received, that can be used to check the healthy of websocket connection. If pong is not received, reconnect to Websocket server is recommended.

  2. The server will not disconnect the connection because the client didn’t send ping to it.