ListenKey Isolated Margin Account

User Data stream specs say to open stream with:

  • User Data Streams are accessed at /ws/ or /stream?streams=

Can I listen to multiple listenKeys on the same connection (one for isolatedMargin on BTCUSDT, one for Isolated Margin on ETHUSDT, etc) using /stream?streams=BTCUSDT-listenKey,ETHUSTD-ListenKey, etc.?

yes, that’s available, but in format as:


Thank you dino.

Is there a limit to how many keys can be in the list?

Thanks again,


Is it also possible to subscribe to that listenkeys via websocket send?

Great thank you!

up to 1024 streams from one connection.

do you mean live subscribe? yes, same as public stream.

{"method": "SUBSCRIBE","params":["listenKey"],"id": 1}