Hello Guys,
I’m trying to listen USDT related symbols stream from this endpoint wss:// using the following code:

$client = new \Binance\Websocket\Spot(['baseURL' => 'wss://']);
$callbacks = [
    'message' => function($conn, $msg) {
    'close' => function($conn) {
        echo date('[Y-m-d H:i:s]') . " Connection closed".PHP_EOL;
$client->combined($streams15m, $callbacks);

where $streams15m is array of values like btcusdt@kline_15m, ethusdt@kline_15m, ....
This code works, but im not sure if all subscribed pairs are present in the stream, so im trying to list my subscriptions to check that using manual described here and receiving empty result {"result":[],"id":3}.
So my questions are:
what is the correct way to check the list of current subscriptions?
is there some limitation for the length of $streams15m array?

In a connection, there is a limit of:

A single connection can listen to a maximum of 1024 streams.

It worth to deduce the amount of streams to debug if seeing the connection is disconnected.

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