List of all fiat and stable coins

I think, There is no endpoint to get list of fiat and stable coin list via rest API. Is there a page on Binance listing those? I mean the list of all fiat (like GBP, TRY) and stable coins (like usdc, usdp, just etc)

No endpoint to directly query all fiat / stable coins, but you can use /sapi/v1/capital/config/getall and filter those with network “FIAT_MONEY”

Also there is a isLegalMoney field to get FIATs however there is no way to query stable coins. There is a blog entry (Stablecoins: An Efficient Fiat Gateway Into Crypto | Binance Blog) but it is an old page, and does not list all. There should be a way to query stable coins…

I get such properties from coinmarket cap

Thank you, this is the only solution for now. Call to gives all stable coins.

It would be great if Binance prepares and put info to Exchange Information end point.