Liquidation calculate endpoint

I need to calculate liq price for unopened position like attached image.

I searched in here but i didn’t any solution. Although it’s look stupid, i’m following this steps for getting liq price (on test api):
1-) change initial leverage with /fapi/v1/leverage
2-) open position with fapi/v1/order
3-) get position information with /fapi/v2/positionRisk and get “liquidationPrice”
4-) close position with again fapi/v1/order

That’s look very lumberingly. May be an endpoint for this like calculator on web site.
can anyone help me that if know more practice and quick way?

The liquidation price formula is sophisticated, however it is possible to calculate it without the need to place an order.

The USD-M and COIN-M liquidation price formulas are different, therefore I will provide you with both resources

Would it be possible to provide a worked example for each one of these calculations?

Both links contain a worked example at the bottom of the article.

hi @tantialex .
thanks for your response. that’s right. The liquidation price formula is sophisticated.
i will use it but however i suggest a endpoint for this which we use on i think that will very practice. for example i send type/leverage/price/quantity/balance and receive liq price. i say it should be available when i look other complex operation (like order, withdraw, order book, recent trade list etc…)

only a suggestion…
thanks again

Thanks for the feedback. I will make sure the respective team is aware of this request :slightly_smiling_face:

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