Liquid Swap Rewards not included in Transaction history CSV export

In the absence of an API endpoint to retrieve historical trades and interests and distributions, I am downloading the Transaction History CSV statements.

I’m going through the Txn History CSV now to see if it reconciles with the subscription/redemption/interest/distribution across all the investment options that you see in the website.

So far issues I noted:

  1. It’s not readily intuitive to map the Operations field to corresponding activities as seen on the website. More documentation or a published list of Operations field values to corresponding website activities would really help.
  2. the Operations field value “POS savings interest” covers both Locked Staking, DeFi Staking and BNB Vault, Would be good to distinguish between the 3 just as the website does.
  3. Liquid Swap rewards are not included. This really needs to be added as a priority.
  4. There is a “Buy” operation but no “Sell” operation? A sell action appears to be a buy of the second coin of a pair. The matching “Transaction Related” operation (matched
    by exact timestamp) is the actual sell action on the first coin in the pair

Hello there,

thank you for the organised feedback, although the CSV is out this forum’s scope and control.
Maybe you can submit through