Limit order with TP/SL included


Is there an option when placing a limit order to include a TP& SL price immediately with that order placement?

Thank you for your help


Please refer to How to implement OTOCO(TP/SL) orders using API

Thank you for your answer @albin.

I read this thread however it still mentions how to do it in 3 separate calls rather than 1. As the thread is 2-3 years old, maybe the api evolved to support this in one call?

I would like ideally to make one single call, specifying the entry price + TP price + SL price, is that possible ? On Bybit api, you can do a POST with /v5/order/create, you can set TP/SL while placing orders.

You can set the type parameter to either STOP or TAKE_PROFIT.
In this case, you can reduce it in to one call. Refer to the documentation for more details: Binance API Documentation

Hello, thanks for your answer. The documentation you are referring to seems to support single action orders rather than a composite order that includes both stop loss and take profit parameters in one go.
Can you give a dummy example with one single call including a buy long with TP and SL on the same call ? many thanks

@albin do you have an example? Thank you