limit order 400 Bad Request

“When trading in futures, what situations can cause a ‘400 Bad Request’ error when using an API to send a limit order? I’ve confirmed that my parameters are correct, but sometimes this error still occurs. Could it be related to the price or something else? These are the parameter names I’m using: params.Set(“type”, “LIMIT”), params.Set(“timeInForce”, “GTC”), params.Set(“price”, message.Price), params.Set(“symbol”, message.Symbol), params.Set(“side”, message.Side), params.Set(“timestamp”, date). While I’ve had success at times, I want to know the specific reason for the error.”

There are a few reasons which would trigger a 400 Bad Request error. Below are some of the most likely in this situation:

  1. Insufficient balance: If your account balance is insufficient to cover the order’s margin requirement, you will get a ‘400 Bad Request’ error. Ensure that you have enough balance in your account before placing the order.
  2. Invalid price or quantity: If the price or quantity specified in the order is not valid, you will get a ‘400 Bad Request’ error. For example, if the price is too low or too high, or the quantity is too small or too large, the order may be rejected.
  3. Incorrect symbol or contract type: If the symbol or contract type specified in the order is not correct, you will get a ‘400 Bad Request’ error. Ensure that you are using the correct symbol and contract type for the order.

Please manually ensure that all of your parameters are correct by printing them. I can’t tell from your snippet as you are passing variables like “message.Symbol”. Try printing the actual value of “message.Symbol” and the other params to make sure they are valid.

paramas like this.{Symbol:BTCUSDT Amount:0.01 Side:BUY Price:30228.79}

I am not sure if the transaction amount is real-time. I have a question about limit orders. When I purchase, if my price is higher than the lowest selling price, will the exchange buy it directly from the lowest seller instead of my price? When I tested on the test network, this situation did occur, and the exchange automatically balanced the price for me, but sometimes it failed and the above situation occurred, which I don’t quite understand.

I did this and it works for me :

Step 1: Generate the private key test-prv-key.pem. Do not share this file with anyone!

openssl genrsa -out test-prv-key.pem 2048

Step 2: Generate the public key test-pub-key.pem from the private key.

openssl rsa -in test-prv-key.pem -pubout -outform PEM -out test-pub-key.pem

Step3 : Register your public key to your Binance spot Network