leverage on website bypass leverage on call api?

Hello, I set leverage = 10 in my call api.
At Binance website in my account the leverage is 15
I sent a order with call api
However the leverage at the execution is 15 not 10.
The same behavior happens if leverage in site is less than in call api

I think the parameters on website bypass the parameters on call.
How correct this behavior?

Could you provide some more information?
Which endpoint did you use to set the leverage? What symbol did you place the order on?
If you want to change the leverage on a symbol, you can use the endpoint Change Initial Leverage Trade: Binance API Documentation

my json:
msg = {“Passphrase”: “XX”,“Exchange”: “Binance”,“strategyName”: “AgoraVai”,“strategyCategory”: “NEW”,“stockSymbol”: “MINAUSDT”,
“triggerTimestamp”: “’ + currentTimestamp + '”,“triggerValue”:“0.412”,“entryPrice”:“N/A”,“quantity”:“11”,“action”: “sell”,“leverage”: “8”,“orderType”: “Market”,
“stopLoss”: “N/A”,“stopGain”: “N/A”, “marginType”:“CROSS”}
leverage is 8
marginType is CROSS
but at binance website I have
leverage = 5
marginType is ISOLATED
see images
the order take the parameters from website and not in api call


other image


I invite you to contact the customer support to review this issue.