Latency with margin spot create order

My aws server is in Tokyo, the time is not stable each time, the margin create order time is 30-300ms, but the futures create order interface only uses 10-20ms. I don’t know if that’s normal。Please tell me how long it takes you on average. I don’t know what the problem is right now. Only in spot margin create order interface ( not stable.

Hi there,

Unfortunately there is no average time as the benchmark. The time range 30-300ms looks good to me.

Too slow and there will be a price slip. So I plan to ask other friends, is not like me to appear unstable time in the margin creare order. If it’s my problem, we need to fix it

I have just tested the spot order creation interface, and the order speed is stable at 10-20ms. So, it should be the spot margin order interface speed is too slow.