Latency issues after connecting to websocket

I’ve been working on a trading software that uses Binance APIs and Websockets, in it I have a latency tracker that compares the server time to local time.

Immediately as it connects to Futures Individual Symbol Book Ticker Streams (Websocket), the latency spikes from ~5ms to ~1000ms compromising the whole strategy we have configured on the software to be executed.

What could be the reason for this issue? Any misconfiguration on our code or server-related issues?

Unfortunately we have limitation to understand your client side setting.

We had already tried along with the Binance Support, they asked for proofs, and after we sent, they told us to come here and make this post to community, as they were unable to solve it. Many tickets were opened, and they asked us to wait 24-48 hrs for an answer. We got video records, logs, and more, although we can’t drop it public as they have sensitive data. What we are experiencing now, is that, unfortunately, Binance has grown more than their Customer Service can handle, many agents will try to blame you even after technical data before assuming they don’t know what is going on, and they use to avoid to ask internally for directions, and even though we have volume trading meeting high requirements, CS asked us to come here to find help. Thus, any help will be highly appreciated.

We measure latency by comparing server time returned from /fapi/v1/time and local time, and whenever we connect to the websocket this time difference spikes from ~5ms to ~1000ms.

Websocket: wss://
VPS: Vultr @ Tokyo