Language and API choice

I would like to develop a bot for my Binance account for fun and, if I can, for practical purposes.
I just completed the “Binance API Series Pt. I - Spot Trading with Postman” tutorial.
I program in C #, visual Basic and I followed Node.js and Python tutorials.
I have already done a lot of research to continue in my learning, but there are so many choices that I am lost.
Could you advise me on the choice of language, suggest some tutorial or video links and which API to choose to have maximum compatibility with the evolution of Binance over time?
Thank you for your advice which could save me a lot of time.

Hi there,

Thanks for submitting, although we don’t actually do advices on which language or tutorials to follow here (this might be more on the Binance Academy side).
As for “which API to choose”, maybe you can get better details from our API documentation to match your needs: :slight_smile: