Lack of some actions via API

Dear sirs. Could you please point us to API methods to do the following actions:

  • get current commission currency (BTC or BNB)
  • get a list of taker/maker commissions for BNB
  • get or change a type of Margin trades (3x\5x)
    Thank you
    Looking forward to hearing your answer
  1. commission fees are list from here:

  2. enable BNB commission for a discount only from UI.

  3. Trade details has the commission asset and commission amount.

  4. get or change a type of Margin trades (3x\5x) not available from API yet.

Thank you very much.
Considered the first question. Is it possible to get the commission list including bnb discounts included not via Binance web-interface buy via some API endpoint?

Sorry we don’t have this data from API, I guess it’s very stable and it’s fine to define them static locally.