KLines where number trades 0


When i request kline from this currencies, srmusdt / hntusdt / rayusdt / btsusdt / fttusdt / scusdt the number of trades come 0.
Did anyone know why?

What’s the used interval and what field you’re using to check the number of trades?
Please provide an example and the used request URL.

Doing: GET https://api.binance.com/api/v3/klines?symbol=SRMUSDT&interval=1d
Gives correct response (1 kline example):

        28525,  // Number of trades
        "0" // Unused field, ignore.

For Example: https://fapi.binance.com/fapi/v1/klines?symbol=rayusdt&interval=15m


If you use this endpoint to get information about the Futures Exchange:
GET https://fapi.binance.com/fapi/v1/exchangeInfo
You’ll see that for "symbol": "RAYUSDT", it has "status": "SETTLING".

Status SETTLING doesn’t have trading ongoing.

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