java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: okhttp3.RequestBody.create on newOrder

http3 version that i use is 4.9.2(it in pom)
java version - 8
binance-connector-java - 1.2

public String orderCreate(String currency, double price){
    parameters.put("side", "BUY");
    parameters.put("type", "LIMIT");
    //parameters.put("timeInForce", "GTC");
    //parameters.put("quantity", 0.01);
    parameters.put("price", new BigDecimal(price));

    String result = client.createTrade().testNewOrder(parameters);
    //String result = client.createTrade().newOrder(parameters);
    return result;

This error i think only in POST methods like newOrder or testNewOrder
GET work - ok

Maybe someone has java code - that can create orders in binance ?
Please post it here - need urgent.

Replied on Github.

Seems it was - some conflict with other libraries - or wrong configured my pom.xml
Examples running ok

Thank for help in github

Hi - please sombody can you create intellij idea project - with gui form which run
String result = client.createMarket().tickerSymbol(parameters); and
String result = client.createTrade().testNewOrder(parameters);
and upload it somethere ?

still i have some problems with running api on working project(in examples running ok - but there not running gui form(idea cant see form class in examples folder)), and from working project with gui - still not foun okhhtp3 classes.