Isolated Margin Trades not correctly reporting Commision Asset when BNB burn enabled

I have been trying to reconcile a massive difference in my observed balance and that which is calculated from a transaction history of isolated margin trades.

This endpoint:
“symbol”: “ADAUSDT”,
“id”: 84448493,
“orderId”: 1006785179,
“price”: “1.02877”,
“qty”: “930.7”,
“commission”: “0.9307”,
“commissionAsset”: “ADA”,
“time”: 1614243532493,
“isBuyer”: true,
“isMaker”: false,
“isBestMatch”: true,
“isIsolated”: true

Never seems to state that BNB is the commission asset.

The binance ui generate statement reports that an event call “BNB Deducts fee” takes place

Can I find this information Via the API?

Hi there, when the BNB is enabled to pay for trading fees, “commissionAsset” will list BNB.
Your trade happened at “time”: 1614243532493 (25 February 2021) and your sheet screenshot lists “BNB deducts fee” in the earliest at 11 of March 2021, maybe before 11 of March 2021 you weren’t using BNB for trading fee yet?

Do you have spotBNBBurn enabled when you query POST /sapi/v1/bnbBurn?

Sorry the screen shot and the output don’t line up because i was being lazy.

I think this is the exact transaction that relates.

“symbol”: “ADAUSDT”,
“id”: 99439856,
“orderId”: 1105711551,
“price”: “1.08806”,
“qty”: “273.4”,
“commission”: “0.2974756”,
“commissionAsset”: “USDT”,
“time”: 1615532702393,
“isBuyer”: false,
“isMaker”: false,
“isBestMatch”: true,
“isIsolated”: true

However its not just the one transaction its every single one for all time never lists BNB.

I spoke to support and they said this about it.


So im wondering if there is another endpoint I can use to get this info.

Did you find a solution via API for these trades?