isMarginTradingAllowed field issue

i’m getting currency pairs specifications from API (api/v3/exchangeInfo), why isMarginTradingAllowed is set to false for some currencies but on exchange can be margined?

HOTUSDT pair for example is marginable on exchange but on API request isMarginTradingAllowed is false

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isolated margin cannot be read from exchangeInfo

Hi, here you exchangeinfo extracted array info:

[symbol] => ZENUSDT
[status] => TRADING
[baseAsset] => ZEN
[baseAssetPrecision] => 8
[quoteAsset] => USDT
[quotePrecision] => 8
[quoteAssetPrecision] => 8
[baseCommissionPrecision] => 8
[quoteCommissionPrecision] => 8
[orderTypes] => Array
[0] => LIMIT
[2] => MARKET

                [icebergAllowed] => 1
                [ocoAllowed] => 1
                [quoteOrderQtyMarketAllowed] => 1
                [isSpotTradingAllowed] => 1
                [isMarginTradingAllowed] => 
                [filters] => Array......

As you can see [isMarginTradingAllowed] is false as in the reality ZENUSDT pair is marginable

@vans isMarginTradingAllowed=false refers to cross margin not being available for ZENUSDT.
Currently, the */exchangeInfo doesn’t return status about isolated margin being available or not.

“symbol”: “ALPHAUSDT”,
“status”: “TRADING”,
“baseAsset”: “ALPHA”,
“baseAssetPrecision”: 8,
“quoteAsset”: “USDT”,
“quotePrecision”: 8,
“quoteAssetPrecision”: 8,
“baseCommissionPrecision”: 8,
“quoteCommissionPrecision”: 8,
“orderTypes”: [
“icebergAllowed”: true,
“ocoAllowed”: true,
“quoteOrderQtyMarketAllowed”: true,
“isSpotTradingAllowed”: true,
“isMarginTradingAllowed”: true,

why isMarginTradingAllowed = true for ALPHAUSDT but it’s not available for cross margin?

Now it’s clear, i need to use “‘GET’, ‘sapi/v1/margin/allPairs’”

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try to call “sapi/v1/margin/allPairs” and you’ll not find ALPHAUSDT pair