Is there a way to know about maintenance status ?

Is there a way (API call, WebSocket message) to know beforehand that maintenance has/will be started other than trying to create an order and getting this reponse back : {“code”:-2010,“msg”:“Rest API trading is not enabled.”} ?
Also to know when trading has been re-enabled, other than repeatedly trying to create an order until it goes through ?
I’ve been looking through this forum and the documentation but can’t seem to find anything obvious. Thanks for helping me out !

Hello, when there’s a system upgrade will share a public announcement beforehand in, you can also use get alerts from TG (

Once the maintenance has started the api/v3/exchangeInfo endpoint will change affected symbols’s status to BREAK and when it’s over, the status will be back to TRADING.

Is GET /sapi/v1/system/status also a way to get the correct status “normal or system maintenance”?