Is there a way to filter all Binance (cross-chain) transactions by time interval and BNB amount?

I am a total beginner when it comes to using apis but if this is possible I am willing to learn and research. My question is if its possible to filter all (cross-chain) transactions on the Binance platform by date (time interval) and amount of BNB that have been deposited/withdrawn/transferred? If so, could someone point me into the correct direction where i should start?

Thank you.

You want to get all BNB deposits and withdraw history associated with your account?

No i want to try and trace a transaction from bscscan to the BNB wallet of a scammer. Normally there is a cross chain package hash when you look at the transaction details on bscscan. But this transaction is from a trustwallet/metamask to a binance hot wallet. I might be looking into the wrong direction but i was planning to filter all transactions by date and bnb amount on binance main and look for a matching transaction.

Would this work? Or is this impossible because it was sent to a hot wallet?