Is there a true Orders stream available?


new to Binance so after spending some time going through the spot websocket API doc I thought I’d ask:

Is there an orders stream (global, not just within the user data) where I could listen to all orders coming to the exchange rather than just the merged diffs?

If there is no such thing, then what’s the point of the Buyer order ID or Seller order ID in the trade feed payload? Also what’s the Update ID (first/final) referring to in the depth payload?


When I said global and all orders I still mean within a particular symbol.

Essentially what I am after is something like the full channel on Coinbase

Hello there,

if it’s not found in the API documentation (Market websocket section), then it’s not available.

An order can get filled several times, Buyer order ID or Seller order ID allows identifying if the trade is related to the same order or not.

As for the last question, you’ll know the meaning of u and U by consulting

Hope this was helpful!

Ok, thanks for the response. Shame the full order feed is not available, that’s the ultimate source.