Is there a higher min quantity for a stop-loss than a normal SELL trade?

I am using the SPOT maket testnet API and I am trading with LTC.

When I make normal market trades the minimum quantity seems to be around 0.06 LTC, which is roughly 10 USDT, the amount specified here as well:

Works for both BUY and SELL.

But when I try making STOP_LOSS_LIMIT it seems that the threshold is higher. I get Filter failure: MIN_NOTIONAL.

I haven’t experimented all the posible values, but it seems that the threshold is around 0.4 LTC for the filter failure to not occur.

Where can you get a list of this limitations.

This section of the API Doc about MIN_NOTIONAL should be able to clarify:

In addition, there’s exchangeInfo endpoint to consult the limits per symbol.

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Thanks, I already knew the notational minimum levels, but I didn’t know that the limit price * quantity will also be taken into account.