Is it safe and compliant with the TOS to use the API with proxies?


I have implemented my strategy in Freqtrade and am ready to go live. However, my strategy needs to fetch a lot of OHLCV, which makes me exceed the rate limits of the API.
Unfortunately, Freqtrade does not support websocket fetching so I am considering using multiple proxies instead.
I know the limits are IP-based, but since it’s the same account, with the same API key, that will be making the request, my concern is to be sure that the same account using multiple IP addresses won’t be banned by Binance because of a rule violation.

Thanks for your help !

If the IP is not violate the rate limit, it won’t be banned. Hope this will be helpful.

Thanks for your reply ! So you are sure that Binance won’t blame me as a verified KYC customer in a given country for using multiple IP addresses from different countries to trade with my account?
I know that the IPs will not be banned as they are within the limit.
It is not a banning of the IPs that I fear, but the fact that Binance is accusing me of a violation of the TOS, which would be to use proxies with IP addresses other than my country of residence.

Sorry that’s not in the scope of API actually, please feel free to contact Customer support, they should provide better information than here.