Is it possible to monitor fresh entries to all FOOBTC order books in realtime?

I’m looking at and the items immediately above it.

From #partial-book-depth-streams:

Partial Book Depth Streams
Top bids and asks, pushed every second. Valid are 5, 10, or 20.
Stream Names: @depth OR @depth@100ms
Update Speed: 1000ms or 100ms

So I call this once and get the 20 bids and 20 asks closest to the center of the book. So that’s a mini order book.

And then I get real-time updates with #diff-depth-stream

And “grow your own crystal” style, my mini order book gradually approaches the real one as time goes on.

So my question is: What limits are there on pulling this data? How can I pull it for all FOOBTC symbols?

It should always be the real one if you do it right. You can refer to this -