Is it possible to get my complete income history for USDT & Coin Futures

Is it possible to get all of my income entries history via “Get Income History(USER_DATA)” endpoint for USDT/Coin Futures? What value I should enter for the startTime parameter?
I tried the startTime of “2020/Apirl/01” and set the limit to “1000”, but I can only get the history entries till October 2020, anything later than this date is not included.

Thanks for the help.

Need to write a loop to get all histories

My data is far less than 1000 entries, wondering why the result data is not complete.
Not sure if Binance hold an implicit timespan such as 6-month at most once the startTime parameter is set–>that’s why I’m only able to get the data till 2020 Oct.

How many records have you got?

Less than 10.
For example, assume my lastest withdrawal record was 2020/Dec/01. If I enter 2020/May/01 as startTime, then the latest record I can get from the endpoint is up to Nov 2020. But if I enter 2020/Jun/01 as startTime, then my Dec/01 withdrawal record is included. That’s why I’m guessing Binance has an implicit 6-month timeSpan limit applied to the income history endpoint.

Please contact CS and provide your user information as well as the whole request including your signature; I cannot reproduce your problem.