Is it possible to force a withdraw and deposit event in testnet?

I’m working on futures and want to try event listening. Among them, I want to test the listener for withdraw and deposit events on testnet.

Although the deposit is difficult, due to the limitation of waiting 72 hours, it is possible. But to test the withdraw event, I couldn’t find a way. There is?

By withdraw on futures do you mean transferring from Futures to Spot?
Binance API Documentation?

Because if it’s normal withdraw (Binance API Documentation) this only happens at Spot, therefore not testable with futures’s listenKey.

Yes, I mean transferring from the futures account to the spot account. When transferring from the spot account to the futures account, a deposit event is emitted. What event should I capture when transferring from the futures account to the spot account?

Here are the events I need, in account_update there are the DEPOSIT and WITHDRAW events. It would be interesting to know how to force the withdraw event in testnet

Where you can read the difference between these different event reason types, to know which one I need to listen to.