Is it possible to find dates when an asset was listed/delisted via the API?

If you try to lookup historical prices before an asset was listed, incorrect data is returned. Is there anyway to discover when an asset was listed and regular trading began via the API in order to prevent this from happening?

There is no API that directly giving the data of the symbol when it’s delisted.

However you can query the last trade from the API , then get the timestamp from the record.

Only if you ping GET /fapi/v1/exchangeInfo every minute and compare to previous minute. You’ll notice that “status”:“TRADING” is a reliable indicator for what you look for.

Apart from that: I haven’t tested, but don’t you just get the candles there is data for from GET /fapi/v1/klines?
I did like 2 or 3 requests with startTime and endTime outside of the traded status and only got data for the actual candles (=minutes) it traded in.
Can you specify what you mean by incorrect data returned? Are you using a different endpoint?