Is Index Price in Future APIs equivalent to Last Price on the UI?

Hi guys, is the Index Price in this API equivalent to Last Price in the UI?

    "symbol": "BTCUSDT",
    "markPrice": "11793.63104562",  // mark price
    "indexPrice": "11781.80495970", // index price
    "estimatedSettlePrice": "11781.16138815", // Estimated Settle Price, only useful in the last hour before the settlement starts.
    "lastFundingRate": "0.00038246",  // This is the lasted funding rate
    "nextFundingTime": 1597392000000,
    "interestRate": "0.00010000",
    "time": 1597370495002

Index price is different from last price from UI.

last price is the lastest trade price in the exchange market.
And for index price, please check this document: Price Index | Binance Support