is buyer maker??

I hope you will help me with a question.
Does ‘is byuer maker’ stand for buy/sell data?
if yes how?

I’m not sure I quite understand your question. However “Maker” can be either buyer or seller. The “Maker” is whoever creates the buy or sell order on the orderbook and the “Taker” is whoever decides to fill the buy or sell order.

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I ment something different. Here is data that is possible to collected:

"a": 26129,         // Aggregate tradeId
"p": "0.01633102",  // Price
"q": "4.70443515",  // Quantity
"f": 27781,         // First tradeId
"l": 27781,         // Last tradeId
"T": 1498793709153, // Timestamp
"m": true,          // Was the buyer the maker?

So the question, to last line. Does it contain buy/sell information?

"m": true,          // Was the buyer the maker?

This line indicates if the trade’s buyer is a maker or taker (meaning of those are already described by Jonte in the answer above).

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