Is auto-invest supported by API?

I’d like to get transactions created by auto-invest plan, I can’t find it in API documentation, is it supported?

The exchange API does not support the auto-invest plan for the time being.

Are there plans to support it?

No plans for the near future. It may be introduced at a later date.

Not even a purchase history? For the sake of portfolio expenditure completion

I found Binance API Documentation but it gives a summary of the current purchased assets, if only it give how much USDT spent and what’s the average action price

Of course, a better option is the whole purchase history like in

“As a Binance customer I would love to be able to automate my taxes by just connecting to XYZ tax service”.

Before releasing new features please consider many individuals are struggling to get their tax affairs in order due to poor or inaccessible transaction records. Please can this be considered as an API route.