Is 2023-11-10 15:10:00 - 2023-11-10 16:40:00 data corrupt? or is normal empty data?

I got an error during update candle and internal axiliary data and figured out some kline data has same price, 0 volumes. I look through tradingview data and I believe server may open at that time period…

When I request kline data between 2023-11-10 15:10:00 - 2023-11-10 16:40:00, api returns 37118.4 and 0 volume data.

It was some server maintenance or actually data corruption?

We don’t think there is issue during the time, however please feel free to contact customer support if you have any other concern.

Is customer support even exist? 'cause I cannot find any link or something on binance website.

Goes to homepage and you could find “Support” on the right bottom corner.