invalid symbol 1000LUNC Binance API php

What could be the problem? I want to open a 1000LUNCUSDT currency pair but I can only find it as LUNCUSDT in the exchangeRate info. What is the new name? How can I open a position with it? It throws this error:


You should use “1000LUNCUSDT” instead of LUNCUSDT

You can check it from here

Screenshot 2023-12-23 at 21.37.05

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Yes, I found this but I get an error for 1000LUNC that says invalid symbol. Any idea?

Have you tried 1000LUNCUSDT? (Not 1000LUNC)

Thank you for the replies.

I have used v3/ticker/price so far, but it did not find 1000LUNCUSDT according to Postman. Postman sees v1/ticker/price however if I use it in my program it still has an invalid symbol.

If you use Spot’s /api/v3/exchangeInfo endpoint you won’t find the symbol 1000LUNCUSDT.
If you use Future’s /fapi/v1/exchangeInfo endpoint, you’ll be able to find the symbol in the result.

This means, the 1000LUNCUSDT only exists in Futures. Therefore, the base URL and any endpoint you want to use for this symbol should be from Futures. The API doc is available at Binance API Documentation.

The ticker URL is

This route is declared, the attached picture shows only the rest of the request, but it is still not good. I will try what you sent. Any other ideas? I’ll talk to support soon as several people have advised.