Invalid ordertype using ORDER_TYPE_STOP_LOSS

client.futures_create_order(side=SIDE_BUY, quantity=TRADE_QUANTITY, symbol=TRADE_SYMBOL, type=ORDER_TYPE_STOP_LOSS, timeInForce=‘GTC’, stopPrice=1.7, price=1.69)

APIError(code=-1116): Invalid orderType.

ORDER_TYPE_TAKE_PROFIT for example works just fine.

Hi, Could you check either in the source code or the extracted query string if the library or package you use provides the correct order type? As you can see in the API document, it does provide the stop loss order (STOP and STOP_MARKET).

stop loss orders in fact are stop limit or stop market orders on binance. it’s not necessary to have a specific type for that, so they deleted that type of order (i guess)