/info endpoint does not include information about account abilities when using authenticated requests


Before creating orders I obtain a local copy of data from the /info endpoint for a given trading pair.

Even though this endpoint is public, I send my api key & secret in the header in the hope that information returned will be account aware.

For example, here in Australia, we are not able to spot trade ZEC/* pairs.
In my case I was wanting to work with ZECUSDC.

And info returned about this pair suggests it is ‘TRADING’ which for most people, it is.
However, when I attempt to create an order I get the “This action disabled is on this account”

It would be great when I get info using my account api key, to know that I cannot trade this symbol.


Unfortunately, the exchangeInfo endpoint is not tailored to user’s trading pair permission. It shows the status instead of permission of the trading pair. Alternatively, you can make a list of banned trading pair in your code based on the information from announcement.

Ok, thanks for that