Increasing API rate limit

I am working on a tax calculation tool for crypto. We have many users that use Binance via our API support.
One major problem we have with Binance API is the rate limit for the calls we make to read user trade history (spot and margin). Is there a way to increase our API rate limit? with who do we need to contact @ Binance to white list our IP?

Hi. Understood the situation. The rate limit is restricted per IP, it might be troublesome. Please try to reduce the API call, for example, to maintain the local data instead of querying the API every time.

Thanks for the quick replay.

Our issue is that we have many users that provide us with their API key (read-only). We provide a tax calculation and auditing solution. This means that we need, at least once, to scan all their Binance accounts for their transactional history.

Binance API is not the most efficient API in that sense. So we have many API calls.

I understand that a solution may be using multiple IP addresses.

Any idea for a workaround?


@Tom_r did how did you end up solving it? Thanks