Incorrect asset quantity in order book after apply a decimal filter

Hi, after apply a decimal filter on an order book asset i have inconsistent asset quantity please, see the attached image

The sum of the asset between the price 0.02350 and 0.02359 it’s 1,885,894, but when apply the filter to 0.0001 the result for the price 0.0235 is 3,260,585 the quantity asset sum is not consistent when apply the filter, ¿is there something i’, missing ?.

libro de ordenes

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which symbol is this? spot or futures?

The pair is ZILUSDT and is in Futures, the strangest is that in the bids section the calculation is correct see the attached image.

The Zil Quantity from 0.01900 to 0.01909 is 1,595,702, and is the same quantity for the price 0.0190 1,595,702 i’m really confused.