inconsistent `'clientOrderId' of undefined` only on 1000SHIBUSDT

I am using this /fapi/v1/openOrders enpdoint to get the clientOrderId to be used to cancel a position. I have this issue where the returned value clientOrderId is frequently undefined only on 1000SHIBUSDT while works perfectly on other pairs.
How do I resolve this issue?

Hi. Please check if your query string to place a new order includes anything at “newClientOrderId” parameter. ClientOrderId should be identical to the value attached in the API call. That is, if “undefined” is sent, the final clientOrderId is also set to undefined. On the other hand, if the parameter is not sent, the system automatically generates a random clientOrderId.
Alternatively, you may use “orderId” to cancel the order.

The parameter is not sent and it should generate a random clientOrderId, the problem is the consistency and only happens on some specific coins on random times which persist while the other coins works fine with same parameters. This issue is more frequent to happen on “orderId” that’s why I switch to clientOrderId

Can you provide the raw response from the server?