In trade WS stream, how to recognize sell and buy?

Hello. There is trade stream like following. How do I know if the trade is BNB → BTC or BTC → BNB?

“e”: “trade”, // Event type
“E”: 1672515782136, // Event time
“s”: “BNBBTC”, // Symbol
“t”: 12345, // Trade ID
“p”: “0.001”, // Price
“q”: “100”, // Quantity
“b”: 88, // Buyer order ID
“a”: 50, // Seller order ID
“T”: 1672515782136, // Trade time
“m”: true, // Is the buyer the market maker?
“M”: true // Ignore

Hi there,

It’s both as there is a buyer and a seller (indicated by the Buyer order ID and Seller order ID). You can also see whether the buyer or the seller was the market maker via the m parameter (Is the buyer the market maker?)