Implement "Deposit from Exchange" like Trust Wallet did

Hello there! I recently came across an interesting feature implemented by Trust Wallet called “Deposit from Exchange,” and I wanted to explore how they achieved it.

It seems Trust Wallet utilized Binance Pay for integration, but I discovered that replicating this functionality might be a challenge. The issue lies in the fact that the “withdraw” endpoint of Binance Pay does not provide an option to use a crypto address; it only supports user IDs, phone numbers, and similar identifiers.

So, my question is: How can I accomplish a similar functionality, where users can seamlessly open the Binance App on the withdrawal screen with their Wallet Address pre-filled, along with the corresponding Chain?

Check out this thread on the Binance to read about it: Link to the thread

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Unfortunately I don’t think there is public API that you can use to implement similar feature.