I really need some advice please read customer service cant help, and I may need to make an API,

This is my last chance I think

Someone gifted me a gan punk to my binance eth wallet (I was unaware they was sending an NFT) and its now stuck there, and I can’t access it

Customer service said they cant reverse the transaction, as it was an NFT the value is “0”

So, is it possible for me to make an api to access my eth wallet and some how code in a withdraw of the NFT to meta mask

If not this idea, is there any solution to this?

Any advice would be really appreciated

Thank you for your time

Hello there,

Sorry to hear that. If the network protocol of your ETH wallet doesn’t match with the NFT’s network protocol, then very possibly you won’t be able to recover it again.
API can’t be of help here, however if you want to do more research and have better understanding on this, the DEX community might be more suitable ( https://t.me/BinanceDEXchange).

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