I don't have permission to use getQuote API endpoint and make Convert requests

Hey guys, I’m facing a permission issue and I don’t know how to solve it.
I’m trying to convert crypto using the “POST /sapi/v1/convert/getQuote” endpoint has explained in the documentation: https://binance-docs.github.io/apidocs/spot/en/#send-quote-request-user_data
But I get the following error:
{‘code’: -1002, ‘msg’: ‘You are not authorized to execute this request.’}

I’ve seen a lot of responses about similar issues saying that the signature is wrong but I’ve copied/pasted the example available here: https://github.com/binance/binance-signature-examples/blob/master/python/spot/spot.py and it works fine with the endpoint “GET /sapi/v1/convert/assetInfo” which also requires a signature.

For me, this is confusing because I can use Convert in the UI so I don’t understand why the API doesn’t let me.
Here are the permissions on my API Key:

My question is, how can I get authorized to make convert requests?


I see that you’ve restricted access to trusted IPs. Have you ensured that the IP you’re using to make the request is whitelisted as part of your trusted IPs?

Hi jonte,

Yes I did and my IP is whitelisted. I can check my balance, check a crypto’s current price, buy and sell crypto but I get this error only on the convert endpoint.

In case it helps, here is my python code:


    # Test if signature is correct
    response = send_signed_request("GET", "/api/v3/account")

    # Send quote request (USER_DATA)
    params = {
        "fromAsset": "USDT",
        "toAsset": "BTC",
        "fromAmount": 11,
    response = send_signed_request("POST", "/sapi/v1/convert/getQuote", params)

And here is the exact output:

GET https://api.binance.com/api/v3/account?timestamp=1687341091706&signature=f5598d0fce32b11ebf7be45de4976d2beef7eaeb4aa4be488888402797001540
POST https://api.binance.com/sapi/v1/convert/getQuote?fromAsset=USDT&toAsset=BTC&fromAmount=11&timestamp=1687341092269&signature=56c0e94a50446765c3ffe804ca4e91db995a1de238f04cf8ab7cafbd1d8fd321
{'code': -1002, 'msg': 'You are not authorized to execute this request.'}

Damn, did I fall into the Abyss? x’)

By the way, I didn’t see the convert/getOrder request in the Binance Python Connector: https://github.com/binance/binance-connector-python

Is it missing because the endpoint just… doesn’t work?

Did you answer the questionnaire for asking permission to use the Convert API? Did you get the permission? I want to use it as well, waiting the response for 2 days now.

Would you like to have access to Binance Convert API? Please complete the questionnaire to submit your request for access. The Convert API service is created for users who wish to automate their trading on Binance Convert. You will receive a confirmation email after we have approved your application.