I can't get just the offer price. in the spot market

I have been trying for weeks to extract the price of Bid or ASK in the spot market. I try to extract them loose, or one or the other, and I only want the price, I don’t want the volumes, or anything else. I’ve already tried multiple ways and I can’t get it… I’ve looked in the forum and there’s nothing for the Binance-connector-python library either. If someone could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you very much.

You can get the best bid and ask, using Binance API Documentation

At the binance-connector-python library, this endpoint is accessible using the book_ticker method, here’s an example:

Hi, thanks for your reply. But with this method it gives me bid, ask and quoteOrderQty. I only want to extract the bidprice

You need to locally program and extract the “bidPrice” value from the response.