I already rounded up my sending price and qty but still got this error{"code":-1111}

Here’s the situation, hoping someone can help! I stuck at here quite a long time

The most strangest thing is that every time I run the script will result in different number of successful order

what exactly the qty and price that were sent to server?

how can I check whether the param I send to the post_order function is same as the param send to the server

however, I still got an error

how about qty? the LOT_SIZE filter indicate there should be no decimals in qty.

Every coin has its own tick size and step size which you should get first. When sending the order, make sure the price is rounded to tick size required decimal points and quantity to step size because it’s necessary.

I am not sure, but check the LOT_ZISE in “’/api/v3/exchangeInfo’”
filter or create a function to filter it and take the rigth price and rigth qty .