Http connections breaks regullarly


I have constant problem with http connection for place/cancel orders. I use keep-alive connection but it usually disconnects in 4-5 mins. I don’t receive any error messages before. Is there any limits or constraints regrading keep-alive connection on your side?
Is there a way to make this connection solid?

Thank you

Client should not expect http connection keeping alive for a specific time, please create another connection if server disconnect it.

Please provide more information:

  1. I have a feeling you’re talking about your user data stream; Please confirm which url you’re talking about
  2. What makes you think you disconnected every 4-5 mins?


Thank you for your attention.

  1. I’m speaking about http channel which I use for order management.

I ohnestly expected to have stable http connection, as you wrote in API docs serious trading is about time and low latency and I’m losing opportunities with reconnecting to the exchange.

Please check this answer