How to transfer funds from stripe account to binance spot account.

We want our customers to replenish our account using stripe, how to implement it? In the stripe, you can add account details for transferring funds, how can I correctly fill in the details of my binance account.

Since it’s filling in Stripe side, it’s better for you to contact their customer support to understand how integration with Binance can be done. On our side, we don’t have knowledge on that.

I’m sorry, maybe I didn’t speak correctly, I understand that the creation of the account object for the transfer is performed on the Stripe side. I want to clarify what is the procedure for obtaining details for our Binance account, please explain.

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Which Binance details?
If it’s deposit address you can check Binance API Documentation.
For other account information, please explore other existent endpoints from the API documentation to see if they can deliver what you need.