How to test for Binance Pay

Hi All,

I need some help. I build a Create Order with Binance Pay API. Before move to production site, I want to test whether it working good or not.

I click the payment button and go to Binance Pay site and tried to pay but I got the error message because I used same account for payee and payer. In this case, How can I test my program? or Binance has sandbox environment for Binance Pay?

Please help me.

Thank you

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a way to test this at the moment unless it’s two different accounts.

Thank you for your reply.

In this case, can I make one more account?

I don’t think you can have more than one account under same identity, but please reach out to the Binance Pay support for better clarifications: Crypto Merchant Support & FAQ | Binance Pay Merchant