How to set stop_loss_order and take_profit_order without lock assets?

I made a limit order on 89.5 and now I have 10 LTCUSDT in my assets. I want to set a take_profit_order on 91.5 and a stop_loss_order on 88.5.
I set a STOP_LOSS_LIMIT with stopPrice=88.6 and price=88.5 and size=10. Everything seems ok and the order was submitted successfully. but locked 10 LTCUSDT from my assets.
And when I try to set TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT with stopPrice=91.4 and price=91.5 and size=10, it says “Account has insufficient balance for requested action.”

note that the current price is: 89.55

You probably looking for OCO order, see details at OCO Order | Binance Academy

can you please give more details, in the second case, is it a sell or buy order, what was the balance?

  1. I’m on Testnet and have 10000 USD and 10 LTC in my assets.
  2. I set a STOP_LOSS_LIMIT order for LTCUSDT with side=SELL and size=10. this order goes as an open order and blocked all 10 LTC from assets while it doesn’t fill yet because it doesn’t reach stopPrice. (prices explained in question)
  3. now I want to set a TAKE_PROFIT_LIMIT order for LTCUSDT with side=SELL and size=10, but doesn’t allow me.

Any idea? @dino

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