How to retrieve locked stacking from API or WebSocket?


So I noticed some balances does not match on my account with my process to fetch everything from Binance and recalculate, for tax purposes.

Noticed a few days I had Locked Stacking returns, but those are not being retrieved by the API, I can only get Flexible Savings, but not locked stackings.

I’m currently trying this example, with all DAILY, ACTIVITY and CUSTOMIZED_FIXED, neither of these works for locked, just for flexible.

If it’s not present in API/WEBSOCKET, is there a way at least to get this information from an History Download? At minimum I need the interest received only, like I get for Flexible.

Thanks in advance.

Hi there, Locked Staking is not available via API.
However, I think you can “Export” as csv file at If there’s further questions related with the website, the best point of contact would be the customer support by using the web chat.